Experience Austria - mountains, Mozart, and so much more... even The Sound of Music

In years gone by, holidays were principally about the ‘destination’. Now, it’s much more about the ‘experience’. The aim of our Experience Austria Travel programme is to help you get under the skin of this incredible country. Yes, there is some of the most beautiful and stunning scenery that you will find anywhere in the world, but it’s the people that make for the memories, and we hope that you will take every opportunity to meet and get to know as many Austrians as you can in as many different environments as you can.

As outlined in the Summer section of this website, the Austrians will find any excuse possible for a Fest, and will combine this with great food, drinks, and hospitality. In the Winter section of the site, we have also introduced you to some of this season’s delights from Christmas and Advent Markets to the fanatic excitement of the great ski events in the calendar. Music is everywhere – classic, modern, and, of course, traditional. You’ll find that Austrians will wear traditional clothes, whether it’s a styled jacket for the gentlemen or a Dirndl for the ladies, not for the tourists, but this is what they wear every day, or will put on more formal National Costumes to mark a special occasion, such as a church festival, birthday or wedding party, or a village event.
Whilst the economy of the country is heavily-dependent on tourism, and the resorts couldn’t survive without the influx of winter sports enthusiasts or summer walkers, you will find that if you scratch the surface, that underneath you’ll find a vibrant village community that still runs according to the dynamic of the farming seasons. The end of the winter is marked by the cattle coming out to graze the lower pastures, and Autumn is welcomed in by the return of the cows from the high pastures, the Alms
In Vienna, and towards the plains of the Burgenland, the dynamic follows a different course – not driven by the cattle mountain grazing patterns, but by the life-cycle of the vineyards – watching for the weather as the sensitive vines start to produce their first fruits, through to harvest time, always hoping for the elusive combination of sunshine followed by a sharp frost that brings forth the ice-filled grapes from which the famous (and very expensive) Eiswein can be produced. And, then there is the excitement that accompanies the tasting of the new wines, and the expectation of opening the bottles of the older vintages as they come to their peak.
Visitors are welcome to share in these, and many other ‘experiences’, and we hope that you will enjoy them, as a way of understanding the country better. If there is something that particularly interests you, or an event that you have heard about, that you would like to investigate further, then please visit the Contact Us page of the website to send us an e-mail giving us as much information as you can. We’ll do a bit more research and will come back to you with ideas and suggestions, including creating a special travel and accommodation itinerary that will enable you to experience your experience as you wish.
Austria is a country that has given our staff team many wonderful experiences. We would love nothing more than sharing them with you.
The Experience Austria Travel office is open Monday - Friday between 9.30am and 5pm, and on Saturdays between 9.30am and 1.00pm. We are closed on Sundays.
If you are a client travelling overseas, and need to contact us in an emergency situation, you can call our 24-hour Duty Officer Telephone Number: +44 (0)7766 406759 for information and advice.



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